Maintaining My Babiie Pushchair

A well maintained and clean pushchair is critical to the safety and comfort of a baby. Proper maintenance is a good way to cut unnecessary expenses. Therefore, the pushchair should be stored well at home when not in use and packed well during travel. The following are the basic tips to maintaining your pushchair in prime condition.

Tip 1: Examine Condition at Purchase

Well, among the first steps I take to ensure that my babiie pushchair is well maintained is to pick check its condition thoroughly when I buy it. This involves examining if the pushchair is new and well cared for, and does not have breaks or bends. Typically, I will give it a couple test drives while paying attention to the ease of maneuvering around with. If it is not well balanced, it may not keep on a straight path. Checking the wheels is also vital. They should not rattle and should be well secured.

Check for any rust on the metal parts. This would potentially be a source of harmful micro-organisms to your baby. Next you will need to examine how easily collapses when packing or expand whenever you want to use. Also, check the harness to ensure it is securely attached to the seat as well as the buckle for normal functioning and strength.

Tip 2: Cleaning the Pushchair

I always have my babiie pushchair spot cleaned after every end of day or whenever the baby messes it. Emphasis is to be given to cleaning the seat, but other parts like the canopy and the wheels ought to be cleaned as well. Cleaning can be done using a damp cloth, water and gentle soap. It is recommended to use detergents used to clean the baby’s clothes.

Tip 3: Replacement of Broken Parts

It is possible to replace some parts of the chair when broken. The commonly replaced parts include the wheels, seats and canopies. It is recommended to use parts of the same model as the pushchair. This will minimize chances of rattling and wobbliness.